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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Planner Plaza: Creative Space A1

Our  Planner  Plaza:  Creative  Space  #A1

No matter how big or small, having some creative space in your home is a blessing (and a necessity)! Some of you may have a garage or shed converted into your creative space. Some of you may be working out of a renovated closet or pantry, on an old desk or the dining room table... And some of you may carry your creative space around with you in a storage box for use when needed. Wherever / whatever your creative space is, be thankful! Make it a refuge for your creativity in every way you can. Allow yourselves to be bathed in the beauty that cascades out of your soul when you unleash your creative mind!

We have several creative spaces in our home, and one of them is this area below...

This is where we do a lot of our planner spreads in our Erin Condren Life Planners  (see a portion of our washi collection lining part of the wall). Welcome to our Planner Plaza!

We use this area several times a week not only to decorate our planners, but also to update to-do lists, schedule new events, schedule an additional meeting...all those things that come up throughout the week.  Planner stickers are organized in rolling carts, notepads and page flags in bright boxes, pens and pencils in handy-dandy totes and additional supplies / accessories in our Craft Closet. We LOVE our Planner Plaza (a.k.a. Creative Space A1).

Our Writers' Retreat,  Creative Space A2, is a comfy and cushy over-sized love seat that just so happened to fit perfectly into the built-in bay window. It overlooks our landscaped front yard, provides an abundance of natural light during the day and has added lighting for those night-time-cuddle-ups. Our Writers' Retreat is the space we do most of our letter writing, creative writing and journaling (yes, I realize I am "making up a word"...come on dictionary...catch up...this is a functional, action verb!)! Our Writers' Retreat is  comfy, oh so cozy and inspirational! I think it's one of my very favorite places in our home.

Moving on, within the same room as our planer space, you'll find our Scrap Shack, Creative Space A3. We add additional tables and bring out carts full of paper, embellishments, more stickers and other supplies when it's time to scrapbook. We may invite a few friends over and have a crop. We call it our Scrap Shack because it's something we throw together to make it work for us for our monthly crops... And we leave it up until our pages are done (usually a 2-week process)!

Two other designated creative spaces areas in our home are the La Rue Bleu (The Blue Street) and the Cozy Up Corner (Creative Spaces A4 and A5). La Rue Bleu and the Cozy Up Corner are both over-sized comfy chairs with ottomans adorned with cuddly blankets, warm lighting and plenty of space to kick back and read, write, plan and dream! Tons of lists and action plans are drafted there every day. Good literature, great plays, our favorite magazines and so many notebooks and journals are within arm's reach at both La Rue Bleu and Cozy Up Corner.

Our creative spaces are so important to us. While functionality and practicality are critical to running a smooth household, equally as critical to us is having space to create, to dream, to plan and to grow. We would love to hear about and see your creative spaces! Share your feedback with us on our Facebook page,

Well, planners, it's time for us to head to our Planner Plaza with our Erin Condren Life Planners and get our sights focused on goals for the week ahead! Share your creative spaces with us and add to our inspiration!

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Erin Condren Decisions, Call for Volunteers & Planner Parties!

Erin Condren Decisions, 
Call for VOLUNTEERS & Planner Parties

Hello Planners! School is in session, and the air is full of new school supplies, practices, pep rallies, rehearsals, games, club meetings... What a fabulous time of year for making plans, starting new routines, making new friends and creating moments that will become cherished memories!!! 
We have both been mulling over the designs of our new Erin Condren Life Planners , Erin Condren Deluxe Notebooks and Erin Condren Carry-All Clutches ! Decisions, decisions! We are excited to place our orders by mid-September and just can't wait to hold them, lol (only you planner peeps understand)!! Are YOU contemplating YOUR planner order? Need a coupon? Register with our referral code and receive $10 OFF your first order:

Speaking of making plans and creating moments that will become cherished memories... Planning Pixies is excited to be working on these big Planner Conferences you're hearing so much about (yet really not hearing much about yet, right?), and we're looking for MORE VOLUNTEERS!!! Plans are moving forward, and we NEED more volunteers! There is a LOT of work to do, and we'd love to have you join our awesome hard-working team of volunteer(regardless of where you live)!!!  These folks have already logged, easily, over 500+ hours of volunteer time!!!

PLEASE head on over to the 

Planning Pixies: Erin Condren Awesomeness! Facebook group page ( )
Write us a note or send us a message! We will get in touch with each of you to see how you can get involved! 

ALSO, please jump over to the 
Southern Regional Planner Addicts Facebook group page ( )
(regardless of where you live).

LIKE both pages and stay up to date!  

There are Planner Meet Ups and Planner Parties happening all around the US, and it's an exciting thing to see! Your very own Planning Pixies are hosting a Planner Meet Up in September!! There have been a bunch of meet-ups around the US over the past several weeks! We love seeing the pics, so feel free to share them on our group page! There are a ton of meet-ups scheduled already for September!

Are you going to one? If your answer isn't YES to that question, why not!?!? :) Find a local meet-up, venture out and enjoy your planner hobby with other planner friends!'s the perfect time for making plans, starting new routines, making new friends and creating moments that will become cherished memories!!!

Just for fun, here are our spreads from our fun/family/adventure planners this week. We've shared with you, dear readers, that we keep several different planners (household bills & budgeting, journals, business & volunteer work. We also scrapbook. So these spreads are from our fun/family/adventure planners. In these, you'll see a LOT more jazz-it-up styling than you will lists and writing. We use a lot of stickers for functional purposes to avoid filling every block on the page  with  to-do's, meetings, etc.  By the time we get to doing these spreads, we're ready to just have fun! Our other planners have plenty of those important things. So with our fun/family/adventure planners, we get a little sticker happy! Some of our symbols are stickers from our favorite Etsy shops, but a lot of them are from random sticker packs that we just adopted into our "functional sticker collection"... Take a look:

We'd love for you to share your weekly spreads! 

P.S. (Also on our September Erin Condren order, we will include the Coloring Book & Sketch Pad (4 0f them),, Compliment Cards and  a few customized covers!!!..andother Erin Condren Accessorrien)

P.P.S. (We owe you a post on school supply bargain shopping - and WOOOO - the planner /scrap HAUL we've collected in the past month has been incredible. Bargain shopping is the ONLY way to  shop for planner /scrap supplies. We're doing that for you...we'll talk more about that later)!  

Thank  you for reading our fun and silly blog, and feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

Monday, August 3, 2015

Convention Chatter & Color Us Happy Planner Parties!

Color Us Happy Planner Parties,
Planner Party Updates
& Convention Chatter!!!

One of the things we LOVE LOVE LOVE about Erin Condren is the abundant use of vibrant color in ALL of her products! Erin Condren has launched a fabulous new item, a Coloring Sketch Pad!!! How FUN is that?! Who doesn't love to color, doodle or sketch?! It's something we have all done, have all shared, at some point in our lives. Do you have a favorite memory coloring as a child or as an adult with your children or the kiddos in your life? How about making a new tradition in your planner parties? Kick off your parties with a coloring page!!!!! 

Click below for a FREE Erin Condren coloring page:
FREE Erin Condren coloring pages

Speaking of PLANNER PARTIES...There are a bunch of Planning Pixies working tirelessly on that HUGE Planner Party scheduled for July, 2016! It's an exciting time in the planner community, and we are blessed to be a part of it! The promise of an even larger event looms on the horizon as well! We are committed & excited to be working towards realizing both of those amazing events!

There's some 
P L A N N E R  C O N V E N T I O N  P L A N N I N G 
going on, y'all!!!! 

We have met some really lovely people in this community of ours who share a common passion... planning...and...PLANNERS!!! How neat to have them all in one big room! What an opportunity to make new friends from across the country, across the globe! 

Who is holding or putting together a planner party?! Have you shared it with your planner friends? Have you shared in your planner groups? Do you have a regular planner party, or are they random acts whenever the whimsy sweeps by you? Share yours with us! And, while we are passionate about our Erin Condren Life Planners, we KNOW there are so many other awesome planners out there! How fabulous to broaden your planner horizons by opening up your parties to ANYONE who is passionate about ANY planner?!  :)

LIKE us, FOLLOW us, and we'll keep you up to date on the latest & greatest!! 
Just LIKE/FOLLOW these group pages to stay up to date on the latest info:  

Planning Pixies Texas

Dream it, plan it, DO IT!  What is it that the "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" song, "Pure Imagination" says...? 

"Come with me and you'll be 
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see 
Into your imagination..."

*Remember you can save $10 off your first order by signing up with Erin Condren by following our link *

**There are so many other groups out there that I can't link them all here! Just check one out, and you'll find another and another and another!**

Happy Planning,
Amy & Regina