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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New ECLPs on the Horizon! What Changes Are You Hoping to See?

New ECLPs on the Horizon!    

What Changes Are You Hoping to See?

Oh, the anticipation is starting to build as Erin Condren is planning the release of the new Life Planners!  What changes are YOU hoping to see?! We have so many ideas of things we'd love to see! 

**Share your thoughts on changes / additions you'd like to see in the comments, and we'll add a blog post with all of your feedback!! One idea sparks another... Creativity as well as organizational planning ideas are great gifts to share and receive! We love the community of ECLP fans as it's just a big organizational, inspirational, creative community of neat people! :)

We are really hoping Erin Condren's team releases a Life Planner the size of the Teacher Planner. We'd like to see about 20-30 pages of note paper between each month, more add-ins and the ability to coordinate / customize the 5 rows down! In our ideal ECLP, Teacher Planner sized, instead of the 7 subject columns across the top, the days of the week take over (starting with Monday just like the ECLP),  Down the left side where the 5 rows are currently the 5-weekdays (for school), we would like to see categories that can be personalized such as :  

Home         Morning          Home          Kids            Mom              Budget & Bills
Work          Day                 Work           Work           Dad               Appointments
Meals        Night               Kids            Home          Kiddo 1          Work
Chores      To-Do's           Meals          Wellness      Kiddo 2         Home       
Fitness      Meals              Chores        Gratitude   Gratitude      Social

...and obviously there are a million different options you might have in mind that could be personalized. We have a couple of ECLP/ECTP friends who have taken their Teacher Planners and repurposed them into Direct Sales Planners. They're awesome! 

Another extra bonus would be getting to select the motivational quote pages - what they say and where they fall within your planner...

We could ramble on, but alas, we must not! Share your ideas, your creative input! Who knows...maybe Erin Condren herself will see your ideas and put them into action! And maybe we'll all inspire something in each other that we put into action... spark at a time!

Remember to sign up on the Erin Condren website by clicking on the link below and GET A COUPON FOR $10 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!!! Just follow the link below:

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

Monday, April 6, 2015

Being Happy Is A CHOICE!

Being Happy Is A CHOICE!

A happy and blessed Easter and / or Passover to all those reading! Hope good, quality time has been spent with family and friends. 

Where, oh where, have we been, you're wondering?!  We have been busy WORKING LOTS of HOURS!  We are so blessed to have our jobs and love every minute of the time we put in at each of our jobs! Work has definitely kept us so busy - much busier than usual! Amy worked 140 hours the past two weeks alone!. Regina traveled out of town for her first work-related business trip last week! Needless to say, the craziness in our work schedules has definitely helped define how we spend our free time together. So please forgive our lack of activity here on our Planning Pixies: Erin Condren Awesomeness Blog! 

We're getting work life balanced out with all these hours and should get back to regular posts soon!

As a back in the saddle kind of post, we'd like to share a general idea with you. You don't have to agree with us. But we would ask you to contemplate the idea. That idea...:  

Happiness is a CHOICE!  
You CHOOSE to be happy:  

Circumstances and situations will always change.. One of the things we can keep constant is our choice to choose to be happy! That doesn't mean things are picture perfect. It doesn't mean you have everything you want or even need,  Not in the least. It simply means you have a choice... 

You can choose to be happy, or you can choose not to be. 

One of the many things that brings us great happiness is the time we spend together jazzing up our Erin Condren Life Planners ! We take time, once a week, to plan out our week. Even with our crazy schedules lately, we've made that a priority between us because it brings us so much happiness (not to mention the obvious need for scheduling / planning to keep everything in order). We have some really big, happy goals ahead of us, and, in order to realize those goals, we must keep ourselves on schedule! So needless to say, scheduling / planning each week is critical for us. 

We'll go ahead and wrap up  this post. There really isn't much to it other than the idea that choosing to be happy is a choice. We hope you choose to be happy!

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina :)

Erin Condren Life Planners: Give them a try!

Erin Condren Life Planners:  Give Them A Try!

Happy Easter, Friends! 

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Their Life Planners are 40% off right now, so it might be a good time to give them a try! 

We got ours in December, 2014, and we have found them to be fabulous tools! 

Everything is custom-order, and it's such a good quality! Share this link as you like - and get organized!  

Happy Planning! 
Amy & Regina :)