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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pens or Pencils...Please Use Them!

Pens or Pencils...Please Use Them!

The art of handwriting is, sadly, slowly, withering away... To think that schools no longer teach cursive handwriting saddens us both...! Tragic! Technology most definitely has its place. Outstanding things happen with technology. We LOVE technology!  But how beautiful is a handwritten note, a scribbled monthly budget, a sheet of math homework or a journal entry? Recognizing a person by his/her handwriting is a skill that everyone should possess.  

It may sound old school, antiquated to some, but handwriting is a critical line of communication we must keep alive!  So tell us, friends... When you write, what do you prefer to use?  Regina prefers a pencil, especially in her Erin Condren Life Planner. She also prefers to use pencils (the .7,mm lead) at work for little notes here and there.

Amy prefers fine point pens in all colors!  The Frixion pens (erasable gel ink pens) are sensational tools to use in my Erin Condren Life Planner. I love all the colors, and they write so smoothly.  Inkjoys, Pilot G2, Sharpie Pens Extra Fine and Papermate Flairs are allincredible!  Obviously, I like pens! LOL!

Will you take our handwriting challenge?  Will you sit down and hand write us a note, scan it in and upload it in the comments below?   We want to see your handwriting style and tool of choice!!!

KEEP THE ART OF HANDWRITING ALIVE!! Send some snail-mail to a friend or loved one just to say hello, I thought of you today... or anything!!! There is something so truly beautiful and special in receiving a handwritten piece of mail!

So regardless of what you use - pen or pencil - just use them, please... Paper planners are awesome. Journals are classic. Essays for shool and math assignments are the stuff of life... and don't forget love letters...

Write, friends, write, until your hand hurts! Then rest, repeat!

Happy Planning
Amy & Regina

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