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Friday, January 30, 2015

Planner Buddies & RAKs

Planner Buddies & RAKs

In the world of paper planners, there are a couple of really nifty little nuggets of yesteryear actively circulating.  They seem most prominent on the Erin Condren Life Planner community pages, but they're prevalent throughout any of the paper planner groups.

"Planner Buddies" and "RAKs" (Random Acts of Kindess)! 

A Planner Buddy is someone you get to know by swapping / sharing planner goodies, exchanging ideas / advice. They may send you something from their area that you can't find in yours (something, for example, from a particular store that doesn't do business in your neck of the woods)! Planner Buddies are rather like modern day pen pals. :D Fabulous, really, especially for those of us who love the personal touch a handwritten note sent via snail mail provides!

A RAK, Random Act of Kindness, is just what it implies within the world of planner goodies!  Some people and groups organize RAKs where you put your name in and get a list of people to send "happy mail" to that consists of planning supplies. Other people may just feel like sending out RAKS, so they will offer up a contest of sorts to choose random recipients. Anyway they go about it, RAKS are a lovely way to pay it forward and just spread some joy, send a smile!

It takes organization to participate in either of these activities, so be prepared! Having participated in both, we can attest... It's totally doable, worth it and FUN!! It's such a sweet feeling to drop something in the mail to someone knowing that it's going to brighten their day. As my mom has always said, you never know what someone is going through... We hope that each package of happy mail we send out is received on that day and in a moment that the person receiving it just smiles and giggles, gets inspired or all of the above!

We have always been fans of paying it forward. We try to practice that regularly, in fact. Through our involvement with the ECLP groups and other planner / scrapbook groups, we have been able to send out over 100 pieces of happy mail in just under 60 days. More about that later.

For you newbies, don't be afraid to speak up in the groups. Let people know you're looking for a Planner Buddy, and wait for the offers to roll in!  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many people from all walks of life are fans of these planners / hobbies / pages. You will make new pen pal friends and be able to send and receive happy mail - either or both - your choice!

So get involved! It will really enhance your experience. Most importantly, it will lighten your heart, bring a smile to your face and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same!!

Happy Friday!!!
Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

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