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Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome to Planning Pixies!

Hi and hello there from your Planning Pixies! Thank you for taking a minute to read our inaugural blog post! 

We are just two regular girls who have an awesome time every single day no matter what we're doing!  Follow the zany experience that is OUR LIFE!  

In the days and weeks to come, we hope to share experiences and wisdom, failures and accomplishments, tips and tricks, that will help or inspire you.  

We are:

Crafty Planners: Crafting + Planning = LOVE! We both have a lifetime love of crafts, and we've got a combined 80 years of planning experience under our collective belt! LOL! 

Perpetual To-Do List Makers: We find so much gratification and accomplishment in checking off to-do lists! To reach a goal, complete a project, achieve a dream, you've got to have to-do lists. No matter how big or baby small the steps are, checking those items off your lists get you to your end result.... SUCCESS, ACCOMPLISHMENT, REALIZING A DREAM! To-do lists are a critical piece of any successful endeavor!  

Creative Cooks:  We are regular gals, home cooks, who cook dinners, bake for the holidays and other inspired occasions, create something from nothing, throw in ingredients just to try something different. Our outlook is simple...a recipe is a guideline you follow on your path to perfection! We have a lot of our own recipes, a wealth of family recipes and love cooking magazines and cookbooks that offer new ideas and inspirations. While we've both got rather elementary palettes, we seek out new ways to  enhance those things we love and incorporate those things we don't in a way that helps us expand our palettes even further. 

Household Management Miracle-Makers: We manage to work mini household miracles every day, it seems, whether it's stretching that last $10 before payday, developing a unique storage solution, reorganizing a space to completely re-purpose it, inventing solutions to troubleshoot household challenges, we do it... They may not be news-worthy miracles, but to us, they ARE tiny little miracles... and hopefully, you'll reap the benefits of our trials and errors for your household management issues. 

Bargain Shoppers Extraordinaire:  Bargain shopping is, to some, an unnecessary skill. Bargain shopping to us is a MUST considering our tight budget and limited resources. It is a JOYFUL end result when you truly find those great bargains. Some people don't even balk at paying full price for something... but, to us, if it's not on sale, it really has to be a necessary item. And if you just wait a little while, that necessary item will be on sale!  We will share with you how to prepare for a bargain shopping grocery store run, when to buy certain products, how to follow major store's advertisements to your benefit. We'll help you make a grocery list, learn how to price match and even how to increase that savings by adding coupons. And so much more!

...and two girls who love our life! If we can ignite inspiration, share some wisdom, spread joy & love, bring a little organization to your chaos AND incite LAUGHTER, we’ll be happy campers! 

Share your experiences with us, and your questions, too! Follow our blog, comment when you can. Ask your questions, and we'll do our best to help you find resolutions. We are here to serve. We want to share what we know and learn from you!

2015 is off to a great start that promises to be the greatest year of our lives so far!  
Happy Planning!!

Your Planning Pixies,
Amy & Regina

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