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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New ECLPs on the Horizon! What Changes Are You Hoping to See?

New ECLPs on the Horizon!    

What Changes Are You Hoping to See?

Oh, the anticipation is starting to build as Erin Condren is planning the release of the new Life Planners!  What changes are YOU hoping to see?! We have so many ideas of things we'd love to see! 

**Share your thoughts on changes / additions you'd like to see in the comments, and we'll add a blog post with all of your feedback!! One idea sparks another... Creativity as well as organizational planning ideas are great gifts to share and receive! We love the community of ECLP fans as it's just a big organizational, inspirational, creative community of neat people! :)

We are really hoping Erin Condren's team releases a Life Planner the size of the Teacher Planner. We'd like to see about 20-30 pages of note paper between each month, more add-ins and the ability to coordinate / customize the 5 rows down! In our ideal ECLP, Teacher Planner sized, instead of the 7 subject columns across the top, the days of the week take over (starting with Monday just like the ECLP),  Down the left side where the 5 rows are currently the 5-weekdays (for school), we would like to see categories that can be personalized such as :  

Home         Morning          Home          Kids            Mom              Budget & Bills
Work          Day                 Work           Work           Dad               Appointments
Meals        Night               Kids            Home          Kiddo 1          Work
Chores      To-Do's           Meals          Wellness      Kiddo 2         Home       
Fitness      Meals              Chores        Gratitude   Gratitude      Social

...and obviously there are a million different options you might have in mind that could be personalized. We have a couple of ECLP/ECTP friends who have taken their Teacher Planners and repurposed them into Direct Sales Planners. They're awesome! 

Another extra bonus would be getting to select the motivational quote pages - what they say and where they fall within your planner...

We could ramble on, but alas, we must not! Share your ideas, your creative input! Who knows...maybe Erin Condren herself will see your ideas and put them into action! And maybe we'll all inspire something in each other that we put into action... spark at a time!

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Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

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