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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner Update!

Pre-Order Sale Date is June 9th, 2015!

The pre-order date is June 9th! Do you have it marked in your planners?! Have you seen the updates revealed so far?! Register with your email address here:  REGISTER MY EMAIL ADDRESS WITH ERINCONDREN.COM and get your $10 OFF code to have ready when you place your that you can stay on top of all the exciting news coming from EC!!!

It is time to start thinking ahead through summer, into a new school year, the holidays, the new year... oh goodness! So soon! Start thinking (I know many of you already have those wheels turning) about what Erin Condren products will work best for you the rest of this year and into next year. Notebooks are a great tool in addition to the EC Life Planners.

SO exciting to have the option to personalize your Morning/Day/Night sections as they are BLANK! I am really excited about this for work! If we keep our meal planning / household chores, etc, in a horizontal ECLP, the vertical ECLP will be a great business only tool for both of us! It will really allow for that separation and the format lends itself, at least for us, to just this function! Super excited!

The new HORIZONTAL Layout..!! For those of you who like your planners laid out horizontally, here you go... I think this layout could be best used (for us, anyway) to manage all of the household day-to-day:  meal planning, exercise, bills to pay, house cleaning (zone cleaning), etc.

And, the Teacher Planners, teachers or not, are AWESOME tools that you can make work for you and your family in so many different ways!! I have so many different ideas still floating around in my head for the Teacher Planner (adapting it to our needs). 

We anticipate purchasing the following:
*2 of the new 2015-2016 EC Life Planners - 1 Horizontal / 1 Vertical (we may end up ordering only 3 - and making the household one for meal planning, bill-pays, etc., a shared one that stays at home)
*2 Notebooks each (one for gratitude / prayer requests / reflection / writings / journaling ... and the other for meeting notes, work related or volunteer related
*1 Teacher Planner each - still working out specifics of what will go into each of these, but they will be put to very good use as the list is already long (we'll share more at a later date)

Exciting things coming from Erin Condren with the drop of the 2016 ECLP!  Keep reading to find out more, and register your email address HERE to get $10.00 off your order!

For any of you newbies who haven't yet purchased a first ECLP, the "Best Is Yet To Come 2015 ECLP" is on sale again, 50% off at $25.00... If you register your email through this link, HERE, you get an additional $10 off... So you can get an ECLP (just the remaining months of 2015) for only $15!!!! That's amazing and so worth going for it!

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And we hope you are, too!

Eric currently has a sale on Notepads, 25% off (though 5/31/15)! 

And coming in June, 2015, are the NEW EC Life Planners! So click HERE or on any of the links above, to register your email address with and get
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Remember to comment the 5/27/15 blog post on our Facebook page for the contest! We have a 3 boxes FULL of goodies, so we're looking for 3 lucky winners!!
Goodies include:  washi tape, stickers, pens, clips, post-it notes and 
lots of other nifty planner supplies (up to $100 each in value)! 

To enter, you must join our Facebook page and comment there on this blog post as noted below:
Ask to join our Facebook page:
Planning Pixies: Erin Condren Awesomeness! 
and comment on this post on the FB post with an update
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The contest closes midnight on Friday, June 12, 2015. 
The 3 winners will be selected at random using a lottery draw process. 
Winners will be notified via private message, and we will post their names on this post on our Facebook page on Saturday, June 13, 2015. 

Hope wherever you are, you're experiencing JOY all around you (even in the midst of a storm)! 

Happy Planning,
Amy & Regina

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