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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Erin Condren 2016 Life Planners Coming June 9th! Enter our GIVE-AWAY!!!


UPDATED 6/4/15

*Remember to ENTER OUR GIVE AWAY!!!*

Do this by following these simple instructions: 

1. JOIN our Facebook group called, "Planning Pixies: Erin Condren Awesomeness!"

2. Once you've joined, look for the "pinned post" - it will be this blog entry. 

 Comment on that post with your HALFWAY PROGRESS on your  
2015 goals/plans/hopes/dreams!! 


Erin Condren 2016 Life Planner 
Pre-Order Sale Date to be Announced is June 9, 2015

The pre-order sale date for the new Erin Condren Life Planner is June 9th, 2015! The new 2016 Erin Condren Life Planner has some awesome new features and options including:
2 different layouts - HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL,
new fancy jazz-it-up stickers, 
no more "Morning/Day/Night" headers
Limited Edition Life Planner in Rose Gold
And a yet to be detailed "LAUNCH BUNDLE"! 

The NEW EC Life Planners will be here June 9th, 2015, so click HERE or on any of the links, to register your email address with and get your $10.00 discount READY! Use it today or later, either way, it's worth the few seconds to sign up! Then you can keep up with all the great goings-on with Erin Condren products!  That will be an exciting day for sure!

*Remember to enter for our GIVE-AWAY!!! There will be 3 LUCKY WINNERS!*

It's time to start thinking ahead through summer, into a new school year, the holidays, the new year... oh goodness! So soon! What did you set out to accomplish in 2015? What dream are you hoping to realize this year? The halfway mark is almost here. We hope you are you doing well with those goals, those plans, those dreams...? We are making great strides on one goal. We're attaining plans laid out early in 2015. AND... we are prayerfully looking ahead at realizing a dream for this year... The one area we've not moved ahead on enough yet this year has been our health/eating habits/exercising overhaul. We have been both been working about 65+ hours a week for the past 4 months at least, and it's taking all of our energies! Down time is a precious commodity these days! But no excuses - we need to do better! We are so blessed with so much that all we have to do when we're so tired from working is remember:  

And we hope you are, too!

That tired, that sleepy, that dragging our booties out of the bed in the mornings...gone in the blink of an eye when we simply remember -

Thank you, Lord! 
Today is Amy's birthday, and we're celebrating by having a GIVE-AWAY!!! We have a 3 boxes FULL of goodies, so we're looking for 3 lucky winners!!
Goodies include:  washi tape, stickers, pens, clips, post-it notes and 
lots of other nifty planner supplies (up to $100 each in value)! 

To enter, you must join our Facebook page and comment there on this blog post as noted below:
Ask to join our Facebook page:
Planning Pixies: Erin Condren Awesomeness! 
and comment on the Facebook group page where you find this post with an update on your 2015 goals/plans/dreams!
(Only comments entered on Facebook will be entered in the give-away)

The contest closes midnight on Friday, June 12, 2015. 
The 3 winners will be selected at random using a lottery draw process. 
Winners will be notified via private message, and we will post their names on this post on our Facebook page on Saturday, June 13, 2015. 

Hope wherever you are, you're experiencing JOY all around you (even in the midst of a storm)! 

Happy Planning,
Amy & Regina

*Editor's Note:  This was originally posted on Amy's birthday. Updated & re-posting today so that folks will have the details on entering the GIVE AWAY!!!!*

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