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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year, EC Monthly 1st Layouts, oh - and Texas!

Happy New Year, EC Hourly 1st
 Layouts...oh - and Texas!

Happy 2016, Planners! WELCOME! We're so excited to welcome you into 2016! These Planning Pixies enjoyed a quiet NYE at home with some sparkling grape juice, a good classic holiday movie and silly memories of trying to master the art of the selfie stick Santa brought us. How did you ring in the new year?

We hope our first post of 2016 finds you happy, healthy, safe and excited about the year ahead. We hope your holiday season has been merry and bright, full of family, friends, good food, rest, reflection and memories of a lifetime! We pray all of you who have endured dangerous weather are safe and sound. The Texas Tornadoes were, literally, 2 miles from our home. Prayers continue for safety and shelter, love and comfort to any of you dealing with destructive weather, loss, stress, grief...all of those things that tend to just appear in our lives.

Keep your faith; 
keep your focus; 
 & BRING ON 2016!!!!!

It's time to get your 2016 PLAN ON, planners!!  We are LOVING the Erin Condren Life Planner Hourly Layout! Our first hourly layouts are still somewhat vertical in their structure, really. With the holidays, there weren't many appointments / meetings / tasks as we usually have from week to week. That will get back to normal next week. So the layouts going forward will really capitalize on the awesomeness that IS the HOURLY! For now, here's a peek at last week's layouts. 

Amy's 1st Hourly Layout

Regina's 1st Hourly Layout

Do you have your 2016 planners ready to go or already in use??! It's here, it's NOW! It's NOT too late to get started! So many goals being set, plans and dreams starting today.


Speak those HUGE dreams into life. Claim them! Set your eyes forward. And work every single day to achieve what is so important to you! 


Dream so BIG your dreams SCARE you!! 

Plan IN SUCH DETAIL your plan overwhelms you!! 

And then break it all down into baby steps...tiny bits and pieces that can get accomplished each day. 

Stop procrastinating, start producing results!

Y O U  C A N  D O  T H I S ! ! !  

When you slip up, when you feel like giving up - - - and we all know those days are ahead, too... When that happens... step those dreams SO BIG they scare you! Review those plans - those detailed, intricate plans that overwhelm you! 

And DO SOMETHING - anything... You may be off one day. too busy, off task, not feeling well, kids need more of your time happens... But do SOMETHING that is on your list TODAY! Don't put it off until tomorrow. Maybe you won't be able to complete it... But start it...DO SOMETHING!

Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully you'll be able to pick up quickly yesterday's incomplete task, get it done along with today's task.


Since I started writing this post, we received some quite unexpected news. My full-time contract was not renewed. No notice, no warning...So I am holding firmly to my faith that God's got this and a much better opportunity is headed my way! (prayers are certainly appreciated). My faith is strong. Fear and worry are, of course, ever-present in my mind. But I just knock those out of my head as much as I can with silent prayer. God's got this! Are you facing a similar situation? Let us know, and we'll be glad to keep you in our prayers (really any prayer request, we're glad to include yours).
 Remember there is great power in prayer!
Our other Planning Pixie is still recovering from double pneumonia. While the pneumonia is gone, her immune system is extremely low, and she's had bronchitis as a result of that low immune system. So we're still getting Planning Pixie 2 back to health! In spite of life's bumps along the way, we remain faithful and comforted, knowing that God's got this!

Just to keep us headed in the right direction, here are this week's layouts in the ECLP Hourly, a bit more hourly looking, lol :

Amy's 1-4-16 - 1-10-16

Regina's 1-4-16 - 1-10-16

Still need to get your 2016 planners? Have someone on your gift list who would enjoy an ECLP? We it's a great time to place your first order!  Use our referral code to save $10.00 off your first order: SAVE $10.00 !

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The holidays, illness and "adulting" have kept these Planning Pixies busy with grown up stuff, building up immune systems and family time (such a blessing). We have an entire social media calendar in the works. You won't mind seeing Black Friday hauls in a mid-January blog post or scope, will you?!!? LOL!

Here's to a happy, healthy, 
prosperous 2016 !

P.S. (For anyone who followed this all the way through... there's gonna be a PLANNER PARTY IN TEXAS, Y'ALL!!! More details to follow!)

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina :)

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