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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planners: Our First Spreads

Erin Condren Life Planners:  Our First Spreads

Planning your first spread in your Erin Condren Life Planner can be overwhelming! We wanted to share our first weeks with you since we're fairly new to this fabulously fanatical, fun & frilly, frenzied planner hobby!  

Regina and I have a lot of the same tastes, like a lot of the same things...AND we equally have as many different likes / tastes. Also, as with everyone, we have different approaches / methodologies to functional practices - work processes, creative activities, house cleaning and cooking. When it comes to creative outlets, Regina, generally speaking, gets an idea and runs with it while I have to have a whole big picture vision of the end result before I even put something down on paper. We can be equally as simple as we can be complex, so that's always a toss up. 

***For those of you who haven't signed up at the Erin Condren site yet, please see note at the end of this post!***

Always remember that your planner is YOUR planner. ITs sole function is to do whatever you need it to do:  help you keep track of activities, help keep you on budget, on schedule, on task, help you stay on your health routine, help you keep record of gratitude and memories, help keep your creativity flowing, help keep your mind active...and so on and so on and so on... (remember those commercials, lol?!)! YOUR planner can do one or ALL of those things. It's up to you! 

We definitely recommend planning time in your schedule to "plan"... Whether you take 10 minutes every day, 30 minutes twice a week, an hour once a week  - doesn't matter...make it work for you. But if you're going to invest in the product, if you're going to invest in the supplies to "dress it"...USE IT! It's really easy to make those purchases... It takes follow through to DO IT! 

So we here and now challenge each one of you... 


Now for the trip down memory lane...our first spreads! We were in the midst of final Christmas planning, so it was fast & furious for us. We opted against ordering the "remaining months of the current year" in our planners as we figured they wouldn't arrive in time for us to put them into use. Ahhhh, but they did! LOL! So we only had half of Christmas week in our ECLPs. 

Amy's first spread:  As mentioned, we were in the throes of Christmas activities, so Amy really tried to transition our functioning "to-do" list into her new planner. She used a sheet from our personalized note pad to function as the early part of Christmas week. It's got glitz and glam, to-do's, washi tape and stickers! 

Regina took a simpler approach and just decided to start her spread where the planner started, Christmas Day! She went with a little washi, a few stickers and a few notes (since Amy had most of our notes in her spread that week). 

As you can see...two totally different approaches, perfectly functional for each of us. These pics were taken when we finished decorating them. Since then, we checked off completed action items, updated activities (for example, we didn't go to the grocery store that weekend - too pooped out from the Christmas rush)!  But you get the idea... YOU decide how functional, how much, how detailed, how minimal ...rambling, yes... bottom line...

Make your ECLP fit into your life, don't fit your life around it. 

Have specific questions on how to get started with your ECLP? Message us, or post them here! This is such a fun fan community, that you are sure to get all the help & inspiration you need! 

***If you haven't signed up yet, copy and paste the link below into a new browser window, register with your email address and set a password. By following the link below, you'll get a $10 welcome coupon via email, and, in the spirit of full disclosure, we'll get a $10 referral credit when your first order ships (not until then). ***

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

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