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Monday, February 9, 2015

Making Time to Plan!

Making Time To Plan!

How often to you forego your planning time? For us, it is a rarity!  When we decided to go back to paper planners, we went all in! We invested in the Erin Condren Life Planner because we found it the most functional for our needs. We decided, also, to use our planners as memory books / scrapbooks / journals, so decorating/  jazzing up our layouts is a dedicated effort to use our tools to accomplish our goals - however big, however small. We typically take time at least once a week to plan and decorate, (really more with adjustments and updates).

This is the first week we've had a really big blip in our scheduled planning time. We were out of town for several days co-hosting a party and celebrating a family landmark.  It was well worth the time away! There was a LOT of planning that went into the event (as with any project), and a beautiful family memory was made!

The Happy Couple celebrating 60 YEARS of marriage!!! Awesomesauce!  

Now it's time to get back to everyday life! So our week is already underway, and we feel like something is missing...oh, right... our planners...our plans for the week... Tuesday evening is solely dedicated to our layouts for the week - and just maybe the following week!!! It will feel so good to get back on track! We also have Happy Mail to get out (some of it is a little late, some will go out on time and some will be an unexpected surprise to some special people)...

Tuesday work days are always particularly busy (more so for me than Regina)! It will be something to look forward to after a long day at work - that creative outlet we seem to enjoy... And just getting down on paper all that we need to accomplish gives us that visual that works so well for us!

So who else is behind on updating their planners? Who hasn't even started?  Who has hit a creative road block or just can't move forward?  Talk to us, to each other! We can all be motivators, encourage one another to share ideas and help you get back on track with your planners or even to get started!!!

Look for pictures tomorrow night!! And thank you for following our blog and posting on our FB page!  We are growing so quickly, it's exciting!!

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

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