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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Washi Storage Solutions!

Washi Tape Storage:
You Never Know How Much Washi You Have Until You Try to Organize It...

Oh, all you Erin Condren Life Planner Fans, how do YOU store your washi tape? Do you have a drawer, a storage bin, a box, a bag... Or do you have formal storage? We'd love to see your pics! We had washi, washi, everywhere... We made some DIY storage out of cardboard boxes. We made one using an ECLP box, too! And then...Michael's had their big sale... So we did our bargain shopping... and VOILA... 
Only, wait...ummm... we really have a LOT of washi tape!  And we literally ran out of room with 18 storage units that hold, on average, 10 rolls each)! Regina was putting a few of the glitter washi rolls on the 18th unit when I snapped this pic, so it's missing one... It isn't something you keep count's just something you collect for a spread/project. And it!

We still have at least 150+ rolls of washi that could go on these lovely storage units. IF they go on sale 60% again, we may invest... Otherwise, we're using what we have (as you can kind of see - one of our DIY cardboard boxes turned washi storage)!  All our glitter washi (solid color glitter) - about 50+ rolls - is in an ECLP box! Handy way to recycle a good quality box. Just added a little silver and red duct/washi tape to fit the color scheme of our little craft corner. :)

How do YOU store your washi? Let us see!

Happy Planning!
Amy & Regina

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