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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Planner CONVENTION!?!??!

Planner Con 2017” – Have you heard about it?

WHAT?!!!? A convention for people who love and use paper planners?! Are you kidding me?! Do you just almost jump up and down full of JOY (um, YES, we did!) ?! WHAT A GREAT REASON FOR A ROAD TRIP! Can you imagine…all of our favorite vendors in booths with their latest and greatest goods and wares…aisles and aisles of different planners to see, touch and – well – to see ! Classes and speakers on organizational skills, practices, new ideas… Sharing ideas with hundreds…possibly thousands… of other paper planner lovers!!! Breakout sessions for people by the planners they use... Breakout sessions for different types of users: business professionals, household managers, artists/bloggers/novelists, students/teachers, Moms, Dads, Direct Sales representatives, MEN (wouldn't it be fabulous for all the men in the planner community to converge and share their perspectives?!)

It is all so very preliminary at this point! But I wanted to just give a shout out to let you guys know that this is in the works! Ideally, in 2016, we will see regional conventions happen with a national convention in 2017!! Isn’t it exciting?!? We will keep you posted as we have updates. Whether or not you live in Texas, please consider adding yourself to our two Facebook Groups... They are:

Planning Pixies:  Erin Condren Awesomeness!

and Planning Pixies: Texas!

The convention isn’t tied to any brand of planner (though we ALL know our favorite is Erin Condren!)!! It is for the paper planner community as a whole! How exciting!

What are some thoughts / ideas you have and might like to see at a Planner Convention? We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Share them on our Facebook group pages list above! If you haven't already asked to join both groups, please do! We want to include all of you on our awesome journey!

And...coming up...we're going to be sharing how our ECLP's made our move so wonderfully organized and smooth. We'll share some organizational tips and ideas. We have several new blog posts coming soon. 

AND... AND... we will be having another give-away within the the month of July!  

We thank you for reading, thank you for following our groups and thank you for your comments! 

Follow this link to register with to keep informed of 

Happy Planning,
Amy & Regina

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