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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Christmas In July - Putting Your Erin Condren Life Planner To USE!

Christmas In July:
Putting Your Erin Condren Life Planner To Use!

It's that exciting time of year (ALREADY) when we start hearing about "Christmas In July"!  The Hallmark TV Channel is already running Christmas movies for their always festive "Christmas in July" celebration (called #ChristmasKeepsake this year). Craft fairs and even retail stores get in on the idea.

We know there are some who want to keep the holiday season IN the holiday season... And, to some end, we agree. It's so commercialized, so over-sold, so excessive, that the very simple core, the Reason for the season, can easily get overshadowed by all the hoopla.

For so many of us planner types, however, the holiday season is a MAJOR time of year that requires the BEST of our planning and organizational skills to ensure the most memorable holiday season! A LOT goes into planning a holiday season. It certainly is NOT about gifts or decorations or cookies or carols. It IS about the memories we make while doing  (and eating and singing) all those beautiful and fun things that become the memories made. And they all lead up to that glorious and splendid night!

Sometimes making memories takes a lot of planning ahead so that, in the moment, those treasured, precious, simple moments, the memories ARE made. Getting to that point, however, takes solid planning and organization.

For those of you who start planning now, what Christmas in July things do you enjoy? What's your priority list when you start your holiday planning? How do you use your Erin Condren Life Planners (or Erin Condren Teacher Planners) to start planning your holiday season? 

As we are still unpacking a million boxes, and working to restore order, we are so excited to be near finished getting our crafting/planning room unpacked and in order. Our planner design for the past couple of weeks has been minimalist in style due simply to everything being in boxes. But we have started that planning for the holiday season.

We have:
*Started looking at the calendar, making a list of what events and functions we want to plan and host, participate in (annual engagements) or volunteer for throughout the season.
*We have started reviewing our "wrap up" notes from last Christmas to help us remember what worked / what didn't.
*We will, from here on, be including countdowns in our planners for our own benefit in some way.
*Our next step will be to set a timeline for the major events.
*And we'll block off different times that for impromptu gatherings / family time.

Once our crafting/planning room is in order, we'll get back to posting pictures of our planners so that, perhaps, you'll find some inspiration! And please share your pictures. Remember to go to our Facebook pages and comment there:

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Planning Pixies: Texas!

And please sign up with through our link here for $10 off your next order:  OUR LINK TO ERINCONDREN.COM  .

Happy Planning,
Amy & Regina

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